Harlene, nakiusap na maging pribado na lang ang paghihiwalay nila ni Romnick

Ni: Rose Garcia

SA mga nababalitang showbiz couple na nauuwi sa hiwalayan, nalungkot talaga kami nang malaman namin na naghiwalay na ang mag-asawang Romnick Sarmenta at Harlene Bautista.

Parang biglang-bigla naman ang naging announcement nila na hiwalay na sila and that after 19 years of being together and being married for three years plus five children, heto’t nauwi rin sila sa hiwalayan.

Ito yung showbiz couple na wala man lang hint na may problema na pala sa pagsasama nila. Last time na nakausap namin si Harlene ay ni walang trace na may isyu o problema sila.

They seems to be a happy couple pa nga.   Nalungkot kami lalo sa mga anak nila na very used of having their both parents.

Kumpara naman sa ibang showbiz couple na naghihiwalay, inunahan na nina Romnick at Harlene ang balita. Kesyo siguro may mga ispekulasyon pa na maglabasan o blind-items, nag-issue na ng official statement ang dalawa.

romnick fam

Sa statement nila, nakasaad ang pakiusap na hayaan na lang maging pribado ang desisyon nilang maghiwalay para na rin daw sa kapakanan ng kanilang mga anak. At nangakong magiging mabuting magkaibigan pa rin, if not best friends.

“An appeal for privacy.

“Romnick and I have five beautiful children, whom we love and treasure very much – we have spent many years together as best friends and partners in everything that we have done.

“Even more so in raising our family.

“We will always be great friends if not the best of friends.

“With the greatest respect and mutual love, wanting nothing but happiness for each other we have decided to part ways.

“We would like to appeal for privacy, for our children and for each other as well.

“Being public figures, we know that this will not go unnoticed—and we didn’t want speculations, rumours and gossips to destroy the wonderful memories we share, the peace that we continue to have as best friends.

“We both decided that it would be best to issue a statement, in an intention to let this be the first and last time that we talk about it.

“Neither he nor I wish to speak at length about the matter, seeing as to how we had been able to keep the fact for as long as we have.

“We request that our individual supporters, friends and family refrain from making comments or issuing statements that may hurt or offend not only ourselves, but most importantly our beloved children.

“We thank you, for the prayers and support— and most of all for respecting our wishes.

“God Bless.”

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