Evening gown na sinuot Pia sa Miss Universe 2015, worth 1 million pesos na

Ni: Ruel J. Mendoza

WORTH 1 million pesos na ang blue Albert Andrada evening gown na sinuot ni Pia Wurtzbach noong manalo ito bilang Miss Universe 2015 sa Las Vegas.

Ayon kay Andrada, bukod sa blue evening gown, pati ang national costume na sinuot ni Pia ay mag gustong bumili.

“Without the Miss Universe title, it was roughly P180,000-P200,000.

“But with the Miss Universe title, it shoots up to more than P1 million.    “I’m saying this because somebody offered to buy it and the (national) costume as well,” sey ni Andrada.

Ang naturang blue gown ay permanent display sa shop ni Andrada sa Makati City.

Tatlong Filipino-Chinese daw ang gustong bumili ng Miss Universe gown ni Pia. Pero lahat iyon ay tinanggihan ni Andrada.

“There were three offers but I declined them.

“They just emailed me and they wanted to buy it. They are Filipino-Chinese. I regret that I can’t sell it because it’s part of my life already.    It’s part of my journey as a fashion designer,” diin ni Andrada.

Simula raw noong makoronahan si Pia bilang Miss Universe na suot ang kanyang creation, dumagsa raw ang mga gustong magpagawa ng gowns kay Andrada.

pia w.jpg

May iba raw na gustong ipagawa ang design ng naturang gown.

“Everybody then wants to be Pia Wurtzbach.

“They know that I cannot make a replica of the gown although some requested if they can have the same design. I declined.

“To my surprise, ang dami ring gumaya.

“It’s so flattering because for me, I wouldn’t be offended if they copy it because for them it’s celebrating the triumph of Pia as Miss Universe. So that’s the closest that they can get to it,” sey ni Andrada.

albert a-gown.jpg

Bukod kay Pia na nagpapagawa pa rin ng gowns sa kanya, may ibang beauty queens din ginagawan ng gowns ni Andrada, pero hindi na for competition dahil ayaw niyang magkaroon ng comparison sa gown na ginawa niya for Pia.

Pero kung siya ang magdadamit sa reigning Miss Universe Philippines Catriona Gray, ano kaya ang babagay dito?

“If I would dress up Catriona Gray, I have to talk to her deeply. That’s what I did for Pia.

“There has to be a story line. So right now, I cannot answer you like what color because I still have to talk to her deeply because that’s what I do with my other clients.

” There’s always a consultation first so that I would know their personality and feel who they are before I make a dress,” pagtatapos ni Albert Andrada.

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